Best Cheap Vaporizers in 2017


Cheap vaporizers are by far the most popular types out there and it really is no surprise. They do exactly the same as any other vape but at a fraction of the cost. A few years ago I would of warned everyone against going for a cheap type. There was pretty much only 1 or 2 manufactures putting them out there and they were absolute garbage. No battery life, uncontrollable heat temperatures that burnt your herbs and a coil that burnt on within days. BUT, in 2017 things have really changed. You can now buy cheap vaporizer and get all of the quality that people spend hundreds + on.

Before you go out and buy a vaporizer you should have a look over our check list and ensure your new vape includes them all;

  • a USB charger cable
  • Digital Temperature Display
  • At least 3 heat settings
  • Manufacturer Warranty

These 4 points really are the most basic needs for when you buy a cheap vaporizer online. Before I gained the experience I have today I made a couple of pricey errors in my shopping and ended up having to buy different models. The overall price ended up being more than I cared to spend but in the end I got there. The silver lining is that you can now learn from my mistakes and allow me to direct you to a bargain.

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