How to medicate with Cannabis

Cannabis is wonderful and creates amazing health benefits for each and every one of us. There is a point in every smokers life when they try their first bit of weed and it can be scary and daunting and even confusing as you could use a joint, butter, dabs, vapor or a few other tools. But with so many ways to medicate, which intake method should you go for? I say try them all, but let me break down what the most effective ways are.

By far the hardest method to gauge when it comes to strength and how much to have. There are so many factors to consider such as the users weight, last time they ate, metabolism and most of all; the strength of the herb used to create the batch. It is easy to feel nothing or be overwhelmingly stoned with edibles. May not be the best choice for a newcomer! But once you get the strength correct it is a fantastic way to medicate.

bongs and pipes

Bongs & Pipes
Probably the most fun you can have! Whether you are shopping around to buy a bong or actually using it. There are so many different tools you can use so I will only recommend one individual type of pipe, that is the percolator bong due to the incredible smooth smoke texture they create. See examples at When it comes to using a pipe you will hear lots of water noises and bubbles, it creates a really fun way to medicate. Imagine yourself reclining on a sofa watching a stoner film. Bong by your side ready to serve you whenever needed!

Smoking Joints
Not everyone can roll, but this is the most popular method. Rolling its self can be an art. There are a few reasons why joints are the most popular. One of the greatest is that nothing is wasted, the herb burns very slowly and you get all of it. Also transportation is never a problem. You don’t need electric or anything sticking out your leg. Many people do not want to carry around paraphernalia.

Not for the beginner, by any means. If you want to learn more about dab rigs head to

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